Elegant Sparkling Lady Craft Rhinestone Mug

Elegant Sparkling Lady Craft Rhinestone Mug

2024/5/30   100   Houseware, Diy Handicraft, Gift Stationery

This big rhinestone mug features a pattern of a lady wearing a sophisticated hat created using craft rhinestones. Transparent rhinestones form a necklace and the hat's brim. The straw hat is adorned with acrylic rhinestones of varying sizes in pearl colours, showcasing natural beauty. The hat's brim partially covers her face, adding a mysterious allure. As a rhinestone jewelry supplier, Hwa Tien offers a wide variety of rhinestone designs suitable for various applications. Our high-quality rhinestone craft supplies and wholesale services are reliable partners for all your needs. We welcome tableware and stationery manufacturers to contact us for collaboration.


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