Stick-on Jewels for Fabric: Elevating Outfits and Accessories Fashion

2023/09/26   4846   Fashion Accessories, Houseware, Diy Handicraft, Gift Stationery

Barbie dolls embody fashion and fun, and our rhinestone-embellished Barbie logo badges, made with stick-on jewels for fabric, amplify the brand's allure. Hwa Tien, a leading acrylic beads wholesale supplier, provides the perfect choice to enhance the glamour of these trendy Barbie doll outfits and accessories. Our rhinestones are versatile, suitable for toy doll outfits, and various fashion accessories, adding a stylish touch. We offer a wide range of acrylic beads wholesale options, including single and double-hole rhinestones. Toy manufacturers and clothing businesses are invited to contact us for acrylic bead procurement. Act now. 


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