Square Mirror Acrylic Gemstone by Gemstone Seller Hwa Tien

Square Mirror Acrylic Gemstone by Gemstone Seller Hwa Tien

Item no:M710

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As an acrylic gemstone manufacturer with more than 30 years experience, Hwa Tien offers varieties of acrylic gemstones for your choice. Design diversity for different application, find the ones you need here. Buy acrylic gemstones please contact top gemstone supplier Hwa Tien!

Rhinestone material: acrylic

Rhinestone size: 25x25mm~40x40mm

Rhinestone spec: square shape, mirror faceted cutting, flat back


All acrylic rhinestone approved by SGS. It is suitable for ornaments, imitation jewel, leather products, watches, shoes buckles, toys, promotional items, Christmas decoration, hair accessories and handy-craft items.

Acrylic gemstone is used as decoration on various stationery products, such as greeting cards, photo frame, crown, jewel pen, paper bags, sticker, toys, Christmas decoration, DIY accessories.

Acrylic jewel is mostly preferred to be used by many nail beauty salon shops. body jewel, bridle make-up.


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