Día de los Muertos Style: Acrylic Sew-on Rhinestones for Colourful Skulls

2023/11/19   235   Dress, Festive Suppliers-Christmas

This top is themed around the colourful skulls of Día de los Muertos. Just like those vibrant skulls in the movie ‘Coco’, they can be replicated using acrylic rhinestones, perfect for both sticking and sewing onto clothes. This rich and diverse design echoes the celebration of Día de los Muertos, commemorating departed loved ones with lively colours. The versatility of acrylic rhinestones provides the perfect material for this theme, allowing individuals to create various colour combinations at will. As one of the professional gemstone manufacturers, Hwa Tien welcomes clothing manufacturers to purchase our sew-on rhinestones and acrylic stick-on jewels, adding brilliant radiance to their product lines. If you're interested in sewing rhinestones onto apparel, please contact us promptly to collaborate on creating distinctive and stylish products.

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